Designed for transport of viruses like COVID-19, SARS-CoV, H1N1 etc


VTM Kit: Viral transport media is a transport medium specifically designed to transport the virus in its active form, for further laboratory examination and evaluation.

The diagnosis of viral infections by culture relies on the collection of proper specimens, proper care to protect the virus in the specimens from environmental damage, and use of an adequate transport system to maintain virus activity. VTM kit is used to transport the collected viral specimens with swabs that are toxic. For lab evaluation, it is necessary to maintain the integrity of the collected samples.

Features of VTM Kit

The VTM kit plays a major role; specially designed system is capable of carrying the viral forms with complete integrity. It has a sterile flocked specimen collection swab and a tube of viral transport medium. The VTM kit is an efficient collection system with the flocked swab containing short perpendicular nylon fibre strands attached to flexible moulded plastic. The VTM kit maximizes the sensitivity of serological and molecular detection assays, offering precise results with convenience. Moreover, it offers better patient comfort and compliance. VTM kit flocked system significantly yields more sample for the assay. The swab in the VTM kit has a moulded breakpoint which allows the breakage of the swab in the tube. VTM kit media is made of Hanks Balanced Salt Solution and contains a protective protein, antibiotics to control microbial contamination, buffers to control the pH and phenol red is used as a pH indicator. For prolonged storage, the VTM kit contains a cryoprotectant (substance to protect sample from freezing damage). The VTM kit extends the test and diagnostic capabilities for better results.

What are viruses?

Viruses are mobile genetic elements, most probably of cellular origin and characterized by a long co-evolution inside the host. They depend on the human or animal host for their survival. A complete virus particle is called a virion.


Previously other popularly known coronaviruses are SARS-CoV 1 and MERS-CoV. From December 2019 a novel coronavirus emerged in China and has become a pandemic to the world, popularly known as COVID-19, SARS-CoV 2, is an enveloped positive-sense RNA viruses that are characterized by club-like spikes that project from their surface, an unusually large RNA genome, and a unique replication strategy. COVID-19 is a major pathogen of emerging respiratory disease outbreaks. It is very necessary to find a transport system for the early detection of the infection of COVID-19 for its early treatment.

3 ML Viral Transport Medium in a 15 ML centrifuge tube and one sterile Flocked Nylon Swab.

Designed for transport of viruses like COVID-19, SARS-CoV, H1N1 etc